How do I find the right use case?

Where is blockchain most benefitial?

Blockchain use cases

You find an overview on the – in our eyes – most important blockchain based projects here. But watch out – facing more than 400 projects can easily be time consuming. Better use the filter function for branches, use cases and blockchain specifics – in case you are already interested in certain use attributes of blockchain. This selection might already provide you a first orientation, if you want to figure out, what blockchain based use case are most helpful for your organisation.

Technology influences business models

In times of digitisation it is mandatory to have a proper base knowledge on technology and the influence as well as the effectiveness of it, if you want to (further) develop your  business model. In our trainings the participants learn through exercises how to approach business model development utilising blockchain technology. In company specific projects we gathered outstanding experiences with our B4-concept (B4: “Blockchain Business Building Blocks”). Here we used different well-known methods and complement these with own tools. One example: we combine established business case patterns with blockchain characteristics, adapted to your specific situation.

Business Model and Technology

Based on analysis of your pain points as well as on the actual developments and potential of blockchain technology we prioritise the business model and technology options together with you.

Blockchain Business Building Blocks

We complement established methods like business canvas and design thinking with own instruments, which are proven to be very helpful to figure out proper blockchain use cases.

Prototyping and implementation

We support you implementing your applications and systems – with our own resources built up for the realisation of blockchain based projects (please see details here).

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