The 34th annual summit meeting of the transport logistics branch gathered the impressive number of 3,400 participants in the Intercontinental Hotel Berlin. On the third day the session “Blockchain for Supply Chain Management” was held. With more than 200 attendees the room was bulging. At the begininng Dr. Christian Grotemeier, Head of Research and Events of the BVL, surprised the moderator Frank Bolten with a birthday cake, then the planned agenda started.

After an introductionary presentation on blockchain in transport logistics and supply chain management Martijn Siebrand, Program Manager Supply Chain Finance TKI Dinalog, reported on a dutch consortium around the Habour of Rotterdam. In total 16 institutions – among others the TU Delft, ABN-AMRO and Royal Flora Holland – are working on blockchain based projects in Chain Finance, Supply Finance and on new business models.

Thomas Müller, co-founder, concentrates with his company contractus on the utilization of smart contracts. He presented how blockchain can be used for company relevant proccesses taking the example of procurement logistics.

Finally Martin Aramann, MD of Sovereign Speed, Oliver Leopold, MD of SHOTLOGISTICS and Frank Bolten from CHAINSTEP presented the project HANSEBLOC, which had been initiated by the “Logistik Initiative Hamburg”. Under this title a grant application has been submitted to the Federal Ministery of Economics. end of August 2017. The target of the application: secure the consignment note by blockchain using smart contracts. The start of the project is planned for February 2018, the positive answer of the lead partner was still outstanding, when the presentation had been held. Below you find a video, which makes today´s complexitiy especially in international airfreight obvious and the presentation, which has been presented by the consortium

Last not least some impressions from the event.