Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam had the great idea to invite a couple of guests to her blockchain classes at the HTW Berlin to discuss the experiences with and and the potential of the blockchain technology. The afternoon was packed full of interesting information and it was simply impressive to witness how intensive the students discussed about the different topics. These were the presentations:

License-rocks: Daud Zulfacar and Frank Bartels introduced their concept to handle software asset management via a blockchain application. During the presentation it more and more became clear that the two founders address a topic with significant potential. It will be interesting to learn about their go-to-market strategy and how the market participants imbibe the concept.

Following I had the opportunity to present about my experiences with blockchain projects in the b2b area. I found it important to point out that we are in a very early stage when it comes to blockchain. “It¬¥s time to teach” – with this key message I presented the new “blockchain use case section” on my website for the first time.

After that two student groups presented their work results in the areas of “supply chain management” and “identity”. Through both presentations it became obvious to me that the students attained a good basic knowledge about blockchain. It was fun to experience the excitement of the students when they presented their projects.

At the final discussion Margaret Trainor, Venture Development at AtlanticLabs, attended as well. That was a very good opportunity for the audience to learn more about the VC´s view on blockchain technology.

Here you find some impressions of the event:


Last not least click here to view the charts I presented.