3-hours blockchain-workshop a the NEXT16 Conference in cooperation with Astratum. Targets of the workshop:

  • Convey basics of blockchain technology
  • Explain the disruptive force made possible by the ingenious combination of different technologies
  • Present use cases out of different branches

The event (a list of the presenters you find here) was divided into four parts:

  • blockchain basics (Frank)
  • business blockchain (Sven)
  • use cases (Sven, George, David)
  • tech talk (Frank with David and George)

Finally we were able to have individual talks in smaller rounds with the blockchain experts.

Special thanks to George Papageorgiou, who flew in from Athens just to perform on NEXT16 and to David Roon, who took the hardships on himself to travel directly from Ethereum Devcon2 in Shanghai to Hamburg to be on the NEXT16 stage just a couple of hours later.

In the slideshow you find some impressions on the event “blockchain experience” at NEXT16 as well as the slides of my presentation “blockchain basics”. In case you are interested to receive further information about the “blockchain experience” at NEXT16 please contact us.

You can find further presentations and videos from NEXT16 here.