At the beginning of August 2017 the conference Blockchain@HTW took place for the first time – well prepared by the student team of Professor Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam and at a very well staffed and impressive location on the campus of the HTW with over 200 guests.  The following lectures met with a very interested audience:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katarina Adam, HTW Berlin: Introduction to Blockchain

Moritz Indenhuck, lindenpartners: Legal framework of Smart Contracts

Marcella Atzori, UCL Research Centre for Blockchain Technologies: TrustedChain – Blockchain technology in admisitration

Frank Bolten, CHAINSTEP: Blockchain for secure 3D printing (linked below)

The presentations were recorded and are linked here. Already at the end of the event it was announced that there will be a new edition on a larger scale in the following year (here the link to the website, date is August 3, 2018).