The two Hamburg cluster organisations “Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg” and “Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft” invited to the event „BLOCKCHAIN – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE ENERGY AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES?“. Location for the event: the great venue of the Bucerius Law School. The topics of the initial talk:

  • What chances are arising for the energy and creative industries by this new technology?
  • How can the future of blockchain based businesses look like in that two industries?
  • What can be the impact of digitisation on the energy transition?

In the following panel discussion representatives of both branches were present – from Innogy over Ponton up to the startup Rawr. It was quite interesting to experience the different kind of people out of the branches: on the one side the more process oriented energy industry people, on the other side the “creative guys”. The experiment to come to new kind of discussions by bringing these groups together worked out. Especially at the later get-together you could see really mixed discussion groups.