VDE wants to shape the future, and we were fully involved with the topic of blockchains in the microgrid at the DKE Innovation Campus 2018 on April 12.  Blockchain is one of the main topics that moves standardizers.  More than 270 participants made their way to Hanau, Germany, to discuss technical developments and the resulting requirements for standardization.  After the keynotes and the impulse lectures in the morning, work on the topics continued in the afternoon in three separate tracks.  Blockchain was the core theme of the track we participated in.
Jan Christoph Ebersbach, Blockchain Project Manager at CHAINSTEP, gave a impulse lecture this morning on the use of blockchains in the microgrid of our power supply system.  His message is that the increasing use of renewable energies brings challenges in the area of grid stability, while at the same time the electricity exchanges will have to deal efficiently with tens of thousands of small and medium-sized electricity producers in the future.  Blockchain technology fits these new requirements very well and can become an important infrastructure component in the energy transition.  Jan Christoph presented a series of prototypes and concepts on which industry and research are currently working.  The further presentations in the blockchain track in the afternoon and the positive feedback we received at the congress underline the relevance of blockchains in the microgrid.  See the entire impulse lecture here:
 However, the path to production deployments of blockchains in the microgrid does not only require the commitment of individuals, especially IT-driven companies and researchers.  At the congress it became clear that a stronger cooperation between electrical engineering and computer science is necessary in order to benefit from the potential and find solutions for future challenges.  Our discussions at the Innovation Campus 2018 give us the positive impression that this has been recognized by many and we look forward to contributing our expertise to the process.
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