Actual activities

Fintech Week Hamburg: WTFFTW Hype Reality Check "Blockchain"

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During the Fintech Week Hamburg (10th-14th of Oct 2016) Florian Glatz, software developer and lawyer from Berlin, held the interesting presentation "From Fax Machines to Fact Machines" (charts are mainly in German language). In my eyes the most…

Blockchain experience on NEXT16

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3-hours blockchain-workshop a the NEXT16 Conference in cooperation with Astratum. Targets of the workshop: Convey basics of blockchain technology Explain the disruptive force made possible by the ingenious combination of different technologies …

Bitkom Fintech activities

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Invitation by the ‚ÄûBundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. Bitkom‚Äú to the ‚ÄûBitkom Fintech Day‚Äú as a blockchain expert. In October 2016 a discussion is held whether or not a separate…

MIT Course "Future Commerce"

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Three months after the start of the MIT Fintech Certificate Course "Future Commerce" the winning "Capstone Projects" are announced. The project "Community Token", developed in cooperation with Christoph Martin, was awarded by the tutor team…

ConCar Expo Düsseldorf

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During ConCar Expo in Düsseldorf presented a program about new trends and digitization. Blockchain was the topic in two of the presentations. YouTube…

Article on

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The following article (in german language) I wrote with he target to provide the interested audience: ‚Üí An overview, how the technology works ‚Üí Present several use cases ‚Üí Explain some of the political framwork Article…