“Digitization” was the key word on Hannover Messe 2017. A spirit if optimism caused by this magic word was perceptible all over the pace – process innovations and new business model approaches on at almost every booth. This of course increased the expectations on “Hannover Messe & blockchain”. But: it was disappointing. No more than three entries for “blockchain” could be found in the list of exhibitors.:

  1. zF presented eWallet, which they developed together with Innogy and UBS. By the eWallet the car functions are expanded by a wallet function so toll or parking fees can be paid automatically. Here you can have a look at a video, which had been presented during CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.
  2. And our country neighbours from The Netherlands were as well active in the blockchain space during Hannover Messe. Prof. Egbert-Jan Sol, CTO if the Dutch TNO Industry, presented with his team the magnifold activitites, which are taking place already in the Netherlands today. Their highlighted areas were SCM and identitiy.
  3. The CHAINSTEP Partner Prostep AG presented the promising project SAMPL-3D, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics. SAMPL-3D has the target, to secure 3D-printing and to operate the licence Management of the industrial production by blockchain technology. Here you find a video on the demonstrator PROSTEP presented on Hannover Messer (sorry, German only):


On the 22nd of February the Hamburg Authority for Economics, Infrastructure and Innovation (BWVI) hosted a “Digital Hub Logistics” kickoff event for the stakeholders, which are closely related to the city government. Around 40 guests from associations, universities and further institutions were invited. At first the State Council Dr. Bösinger from the BMVI and Prof. Dr. Witten, Chairman of the “Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V.” underlined the importance of the hub concept for the metropolitan area Hamburg. After that Dr. Bühler (Managing Director Bitkom e.V.) and Dr. Mellwig, department manageress at the BWVI, presented the generell status of the hub concept and the first thoughts on the Hamburg “Digital Hub Logistics”.

As a logical transfer of the successfully established “Next Media Accelerator” the following presentation was covering the idea of a “Next Logistics Accelerator”. First discussions with potential partners for that new accelerator have already started. The presentation part was concluded by four companies / startups, which presented their intentions and reasons, why they are interested to make use of the “Digital Hub Logistics”. I had the opportunity to be among that presenters and explained about a startup we are planning to setup in Hamburg.

In the second part of the kickoff we conducted a Design Thinking process, which had been well prepared and led by Prof. Dr. Hörbig from the Hamburg School of Business Administration. By this process we drafted significant requirements and ideas concerning communication, location, financing and networking. This kickoff was a promising start for the according to my judgement important “Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg”. Over the next couple of weeks there will be further events with the target to secure a successful establishment of the Digital Hub. With the high dynamics the kickoff was a really good start to achieve that goal.


Almost six months after my article to give a general introduction to blockchain technologies was published (click here to read the related post) I wrote a brief explanation on the use case section on this website. In the article on intelligente-welt.de you can find some explanation about the structure of the use case section and how how you can filter the for you interesting projects out of the far more than one hundred entries. Here you find the link to the article (German language only).



At the very beginning of Nov 2016 I another meet up held by the “Ethereum Dev UG” took place. It was great to meet all the smart people bringing the Ethereum blockchain forward and listening to the quite technical but still understandable and definitely interesting presentations on very important topics:

Lefteris Karapetsas focussed on some open Ethereum problems like

  • scalability
  • transaction finality
  • transaction privacy

He presented a possible solution consisting out of

  • off-chain transfers: distributed state and computation via bilateral transfers
  • The blockchain: replicated for computations

Please take a look at this 9-min video to learn more about the Raiden Network.


Next presentation was done by Yoichi Hirai about “formal verification of smart contracts”:


Last not least David Roon presented “smart contracts in Java”. He presented his library to help people to experiment with Ethereum as he has the goal to have strong Java community on Ethereum:



Here you find the charts David presented:



3-hours blockchain-workshop a the NEXT16 Conference in cooperation with Astratum. Targets of the workshop:

  • Convey basics of blockchain technology
  • Explain the disruptive force made possible by the ingenious combination of different technologies
  • Present use cases out of different branches

The event (a list of the presenters you find here) was divided into four parts:

  • blockchain basics (Frank)
  • business blockchain (Sven)
  • use cases (Sven, George, David)
  • tech talk (Frank with David and George)

Finally we were able to have individual talks in smaller rounds with the blockchain experts.

Special thanks to George Papageorgiou, who flew in from Athens just to perform on NEXT16 and to David Roon, who took the hardships on himself to travel directly from Ethereum Devcon2 in Shanghai to Hamburg to be on the NEXT16 stage just a couple of hours later.

In the slideshow you find some impressions on the event “blockchain experience” at NEXT16 as well as the slides of my presentation “blockchain basics”. In case you are interested to receive further information about the “blockchain experience” at NEXT16 please contact us.

You can find further presentations and videos from NEXT16 here.



Three months after the start of the MIT Fintech Certificate Course “Future Commerce” the winning “Capstone Projects” are announced. The project “Community Token”, developed in cooperation with Christoph Martin, was awarded by the tutor team as one of the top eight projects out of more than 200 projects.

Read more

The following article (in german language) I wrote with he target to provide the interested audience:

‚Üí An overview, how the technology works
‚Üí Present several use cases
‚Üí Explain some of the political framwork

Article on www.intelligente-welt.de “Blockchain – programmiertes Vertrauen”