CHAINSTEP on Tour: NextBigThing (NBT) AG invited Frank Bolten on July 20th, 2017 as keynote speaker and panelist for the “IoT and Blockchain in Logistics” meetup in Berlin. Darina Onoprienko briefly presented the NBT strategy before nearly 80 participants – each one-third were blockchain experts and stakeholders – as well as supply chain management experts. The IoT experts and business architects want to create aunique ecosystem of investors, founders, startups, hardware and software experts, companies and a strongcommunity. In the subsequent CHAINSTEP lecture, Bolten explained how the blockchain technology is already used in supply chain management.

In the final panel, Benjamin Federman (doks innovations), Onur Ergin (Fleetboard), Lara Obst from eciotify and Frank Bolten. NBT will publish the recording of the event on YouTube.