Founded on May 8, 2017, first specialized fair on May 9, 2017 – it wasn’t´t boring in the first days of CHAINSTEP. Intentionally we advanced the notary appointment for the CHAINSTEP GmbH to have the chance to present CHAINSTEP on the world´s largest fair for the transport and logistics sector. Reason: in our eyes we are speaking about about one of the most interesting branches when it comes to the deployment of blockchain technology.

The “transport logistic” could present impressive success figures after the show:
– far above 2,000 exhibitors from 62 countries (+ 5.4%)
– for the first time more than 60,000 visitors (+ 9%), out of 120 countries

The major topic of the fair was the digitisation of the transport and logistics sector. Germany´s Federal Minster of Transportation and Infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt, stated during his opening speech: “Who does not digitise won´t survive”. Buzz words like “big data” and “artificial intelligence” where heard all over the place. And the interest on blockchain was simply impressive.

Wir had a lot of very interesting talks with politicians, associations, industry companies, ocean carriers, port operators, forwarders, software houses, universities and service companies. It ist very obvious: the potential use cases for blockchain technology in the areas of supply chain management, transport and logistics are manifold – we are entering a new phase of development. This as well was confirmed by the leading German special interest publication DVZ – they published a couple of articles about the importance of blockchain in that fields during the fair.

CHAINSTEP was well positioned on the “Gateway Hamburg” booth organised by the Logisitk-Initiative Hamburg (LIHH). The LIHH managed to make the Gateway Hamburg the best visited booth of the whole event. Attached you find some impressions of the fair.

Last not least CHAINSTEP gave a brief statement about the relevance of blockchain for the transport and logistics sector on If you click the video below it starts right when the blockchain part starts (sorry, German only):