Three months after the announcement of the COBILITY initiative, the time had come on 28 November 2018: 22 participants from 16 companies and institutions met for the COBILITY kickoff at the Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt.

After a brief introduction of the participants and the objectives of the COBILITY initiative, the detailed work began with the aim of defining the first applications based on the COBILITY concept. COBILITY focuses on three aspects in particular:

  • decentralised governance
  • based on open standards
  • compatible with the leading systems on the market

We have defined five Use Cases, which will be processed in the coming weeks:

  1. Processing in the event of an insurance claim
  2. spare parts logistics
  3. Container weight protection
  4. ship clearance
  5. Safeguarding sustainability

More information about the initiative founded by evan, XAIN and CHAINSTEP on COBILITY.ORG.