Every year the software company dbh from Bremen (a leading company for software and consultancy in the areas of customs, international trade, compliance, transport management, part community management, SAP and cloud services) invites their customers to a “Nikolaus Open House” event. CHAINSTEP participated the first time to talk about the potentials  of blockchain technology in transport logistics. Overall the event was very well visited – more than 100 guests attended.

Marco Molitor, Managing Director of dbh, opened the event with a surprise:  dbh had invited the well known artist Dirk Böhling to be the moderator of the day. The program itself was informative and dveirting – here you find the link to the agenda. For the audience especially interesting was the talk of  Frank Janssen. The former “Head of Unit Business Processes and Projects Management at EU Commission – Tax and Customers” explained about “The effects and latest trends of the Trade Facilitation Agreement on cross border procedures”. Here again blockchain technology was an important topic.