The University of Nicosia (UNic) is said to be one of THE pioneers of blockchain technologies. That’s very understandable as UNic has been the world-first university, where “crypto currencies” can be studied. Since 2013 UNic offers that master degree. In addition the free of charge MOOC is recognised worldwide and offers a great first step into the world of blockchains.

Very early November the time had come: UNic invited leading companies and institutions of the European blockchain scene to Limassol. The audience was top-class: over all 500 attendees and 50 speakers joined the event. During the two day event solutions out of the areas of finance, government, health industries, AI, legal and supply chain management were presented. CHAINSTEP was one of the presenters of the last-named section. It was a great event with fantastic participants at a wonderful place – happy to attend again.

Nice add-on by the UNic: they put my blockchain-verifiable Decentralized 2017 certificate of attendance here.

Please find here the video of the CHAINSTEP presentation: