The 35th German Logistics Congress took place in Berlin in mid-October 2018 under the title “Digital meets Real”. In comparison to the previous year, when well over 100 participants crowded into a room that was far too small to experience the blockchain session, the organizer had made a much larger room available this time. But once again it became tight: with more than 400 participants all seats of the hall were occupied and again some participants had to come to terms with a standing place during the event.

Under the moderation of Professor Dr. Fritz Henglein, three exciting topics were presented:

  • Florian Seffert, Principal Specialist IT Innovation at Imperial, reported on the first successful pilot project of
  • Dirk Slama, Chief Alliance Offer Bosch Software Innovation, gave insights into the combination of Blockchain & IoT in logistics.
  • Frank Bolten, Managing Partner CHAINSTEP, introduced COBILITY – the decentralized network for transport logistics – as co-initiator.

Afterwards, there was a lively discussion among the panelists about the use of blockchain in transport logistics, governance structures, etc. The panelists were able to discuss the use of blockchain in transport logistics. Frank Bolten’s presentation is available here on Slideshare, his presentation on YouTube, as well as the panel discussion, is linked below