Since July 2019, CHAINSTEP has been working together with the Blockchain Research Lab, Airbus and iPoint-systems  in the DiBiChain research project (digital imaging of circulation systems using a block chain), which is led by Altran Deutschland and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Over a period of three years, research is being conducted into how product cycles become more transparent and sustainable through the use of block chain technology.

Modern product cycles are complex and decentralized. It is often difficult to assess how sustainable a product is and whether ecological and social standards have been met. In the DiBiChain project, the project partners are developing a block chain system that digitally maps the product cycle and thus makes it transparent. This transparency enables resources to be tracked over the entire life cycle and externalities to be internalised in a stakeholder-friendly manner. A major contribution of the Blockchain Research Lab will be the development of an incentive system integrated into the blockchain, which allows a comprehensive recording of direct and indirect costs.

The research results will be evaluated and integrated in a use case provided by Airbus. Further information about DiBiChain can be found here.