Parallel to the Blockchain Masters in Hamburg, where Jan Christoph Ebersbach gave a highly regarded lecture, the first DVZ Blockchain Day took place in Berlin in the context of re:publica. Title: “Blockchain – the great promise”. The DVZ has already published an article on the course of the all-round successful event (here), which is why we are discussing further aspects of the event in this blog post.

The approximately 80 participants in the DVZ Blockchain Day formed an impressive cross-section of the entire value chain: from manufacturers, freight forwarders, terminals and logistics companies to trading companies, all relevant areas were represented. Accordingly, the interests and questions of the audience varied.

CHAINSTEP was asked to concentrate on two points during the presentation:

  1. How does one get from strategy to implementation?
  2. What are the first important steps in the technical implementation?

Since many questions about the distinction between public and private blockchains were asked during the day, we have gladly complied with the wish to present some more charts on this topic. The complete CHAINSTEP presentation at DVZ Blockchain Day can be found here:

Last but not least another picture gallery of the event: