Already for the sixth times EECC – a joint venture by GS1 Germany, Deutsche Post DHL and METRO Group – invited to their annual “Innovation Day”. In this year the exploitation of blockchain in combination with RFID technology was one of the highlights.

After an entertaining introduction talk of Conrad von Bonin, MD of EECC, Benjamin Brüser. well-known as one of the co-founders of “Emmas Enkel” (later sold to METRO Group) gave some interesting insights on “Trends and Innovations in Digital Trade”. Last presenter was Frank Bolten, he explained with his talk “Blockchain: Game Changer for Supply Chain Management” some of the magnifold opportunities of the technology.

After this the live presentations started. Among others a showcase for predictive maintanance, which had been prepared by the developers of EECC with the support of CHAINSTEP, was shown. In this showcase a harddisk could be bought inclusive two optional extra features:

– control on the contractual agreed upon maximum run time of the harddisk

– monitoring of the surrounding temperature

In the setup RFID technology inclusive sensors was used (a special role played the unique UHF-RFID sensor technology). E.g.: when the temperature overexceeded an agreed upon maximum value, a message was sent via a smart contract e.g. to a smartphone app.

The audience was obviously impressed about the by blockchain and smart contracts automatically executed agreements and discussed the possible further uses. One often picked example: control of the cool chain in transport logistics.

Here you find a video demonstrating the show case: