At the very beginning of Nov 2016 I another meet up held by the “Ethereum Dev UG” took place. It was great to meet all the smart people bringing the Ethereum blockchain forward and listening to the quite technical but still understandable and definitely interesting presentations on very important topics:

Lefteris Karapetsas focussed on some open Ethereum problems like

  • scalability
  • transaction finality
  • transaction privacy

He presented a possible solution consisting out of

  • off-chain transfers: distributed state and computation via bilateral transfers
  • The blockchain: replicated for computations

Please take a look at this 9-min video to learn more about the Raiden Network.


Next presentation was done by Yoichi Hirai about “formal verification of smart contracts”:


Last not least David Roon presented “smart contracts in Java”. He presented his library to help people to experiment with Ethereum as he has the goal to have strong Java community on Ethereum:



Here you find the charts David presented: