On the 22nd of February the Hamburg Authority for Economics, Infrastructure and Innovation (BWVI) hosted a “Digital Hub Logistics” kickoff event for the stakeholders, which are closely related to the city government. Around 40 guests from associations, universities and further institutions were invited. At first the State Council Dr. Bösinger from the BMVI and Prof. Dr. Witten, Chairman of the “Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V.” underlined the importance of the hub concept for the metropolitan area Hamburg. After that Dr. Bühler (Managing Director Bitkom e.V.) and Dr. Mellwig, department manageress at the BWVI, presented the generell status of the hub concept and the first thoughts on the Hamburg “Digital Hub Logistics”.

As a logical transfer of the successfully established “Next Media Accelerator” the following presentation was covering the idea of a “Next Logistics Accelerator”. First discussions with potential partners for that new accelerator have already started. The presentation part was concluded by four companies / startups, which presented their intentions and reasons, why they are interested to make use of the “Digital Hub Logistics”. I had the opportunity to be among that presenters and explained about a startup we are planning to setup in Hamburg.

In the second part of the kickoff we conducted a Design Thinking process, which had been well prepared and led by Prof. Dr. Hörbig from the Hamburg School of Business Administration. By this process we drafted significant requirements and ideas concerning communication, location, financing and networking. This kickoff was a promising start for the according to my judgement important “Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg”. Over the next couple of weeks there will be further events with the target to secure a successful establishment of the Digital Hub. With the high dynamics the kickoff was a really good start to achieve that goal.