3rd BVL Webinar

On November 4th we held out third webinar for BVL on the topic of blockchain. This time the focus was on the current fields of application in maritime logistics and how the blockchain itself can improve established processes. Madjid Tehrani and Timo Schneider took up the topic and explained the issues on the basis of use cases and their experience and in the end discussed them with the audience.

Blockchain and established processes

At the beginning the participants were picked up on the topic of blockchain. The concept behind the technology was clearly explained using an example and the knowledge about it was refreshed. Subsequently, new approaches were presented on how distributed ledger technologies can improve established processes and lead to more effectiveness and efficiency. Using the reference model SCOR, which has been in existence since 1996, it was shown how traditional models for increasing supply chain efficiency benefit from new technologies.

Blockchain in the maritime industry

In the second part of the presentation, Madjid outlined the advantages of a decentralized data stream for communication in the maritime industry, among others. First document and information flows are already being managed using blockchain architectures. In the case of sea freight, for example, paper documents can be dispensed with. Further starting points are located in the financial flow and the traceability of goods in real time with high security. It can be summarized that especially in logistics blockchains increase the data quality and enable more trust in digital assets.