Jan Christoph Ebersbach of CHAINSTEP, together with Leutrim Mustafa and Noah Winneberger, who represent the MINDCHAINS team, gave a premiere lecture on the “Last Mile” demonstrator during this year’s Techcamp in Hamburg on 5 April. Especially a live demonstration convinced, besides a detailed technical description, with a self-propelled truck and blockchain transactions via touch screen. The aim of the demonstrator presented was the safe and transparent delivery of parcels, even on the “last mile”. This was achieved by combining NFC data, which confirms the current position of the package, and a blockchain, which then stores and uses the data transparently and unchangeably for all partners involved.

Here are some pictures of the event and the video of the presentation (german language) – the demonstrator can be seen from minute 28:18. The second video (1:38 Min) shows the demonstrator including english explanation text.