Blockchain technology is a mega trend. In Germany in particular, however, blockchain projects are still rare in real life. This made it all  more pleasing that CHAINSTEP were able to present two guests at their blockchain panel at the “Gaga” on the Reeperbahn in the context of the NEXT17, working on concrete blockchain-based projects.

At first, Frank Bolten gave a compact introduction to the technology’s status quo, focusing on business applications such as Smart Contracts, as well as a brief overview of the most important Usecases. Subsequently, TUI CEO Frank Rosenberger explained the blockchain activities of the tourism company for IT and New Markets. In Hannover they have been working with technology since 2015. CEO Friedrich Joussen had made an appearance in the summer with an interview in the manager magazine when he announced the use of the blockchain in the management of beds, and attested that the technology leaves the “air out of the inflated Silico Valley capitalism” based on the Ethereum Blockchain, is already live in a first step – and further conversions are already underway.

Manlio Celotti, CEO of Membran Entertainment and Managing Director of The Orchard Enterprise, presented the concept of a novel ticket platform. Through the use of Smartcontracts (self-running code on the Ethereum blockchain), Membrane would like to minimize the ticket black trade and other fraud scenarios in the live music industry in order to make the rights holders more transparent and give them more control over their copyrights.

A periscope video of the talk (in English) can be found here.