Decentralized network based on „attention econony“

Basic facts

Steemit is a social media platform with built-in incentives that brings people together to have quality conversations, post good stuff, support each other and find good content with up-votes. Source: Steemit Youtube channel.

Why Blockchain?

Steemit is powered by blockchain technology and uses a new cryptocurrency to reward users who upload articles, images, commentary, etc. Other ways users can get paid is through sourcing and up-voting popular content. The earlier a person up-votes a post that becomes popular, the more is the reward. Users are paid half in ‚Steem Power‘ (a vesting currency) and half in Steem Dollars, which can be exchanged for US Dollars. Source: The Cointelegraph

During the launch period Steemit had a market capitalisation of above 300m USD, end of Nov 2016 it was below 40m USD.


This site just shall give you a first impression of the depicted application. Please contact us, if you are interested in a detailed analysis of a specific use case or branch.