Provids a gateway to Ethereum and IPFS

Basic facts

The world will be decentralized when Ethereum is ubiquitous and every person is hosting his or her own node. We eagerly await that day. Until that day comes, INFURA will assist the decentralization movement and advance the state of the art by providing the people with a gateway to Ethereum and IPFS. Source: Infura website

Why Blockchain?

Ethereum Nodes

For Ethereum ÐApp developers, INFURA eliminates the need to install, configure, and maintain Ethereum nodes.

IPFS Nodes

IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. Access IPFS seamless from your decentralized application without the hassle of managing the infrastructure on your own.

Service Layer

The INFURA Service Layer called Ferrymanprovides advanced routing of requests, load balancing, failover and usage tracking capabilities.

Source: Infura website


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