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Basic facts

Lisk is a blockchain application and sidechain platform for JavaScript developers. Get more information on

Why Blockchain?

Lisk is a decentralized network with its own blockchain that has been launched to create a blockchain that enables developers to build a wide range of apps on the Lisk network by developing custom side chains. In that sense, it has similarities to the Ethereum network. However, the Lisk blockchain has not been built with the intention to create smart contracts, but instead to develop different apps and functionalities using the Lisk App SDKframework. With the Lisk App SDK, developers are able to develop the backend of your application but also the front end. In other words, they can build functionalities for their app and the user interface using the Lisk App SDK. This enables developers to create blockchain applications in a conveniently downloadable package.

The front end (user interface) of applications can also be accessed in a decentralized way, a unique feature within the blockchain industry at present. Also, it is an open source software allowing a clear overview of what other developers are doing and thereby improving new apps and functionalities built on the Lisk network. Lisk is also a cryptocurrency and has the ticker LSK. Similarly, though Ethereum’s ether is not a cryptocurrency that is supposed to be used as a digital currency. Instead, it is the token that fuels the Lisk network and developers require them to build on the Lisk network.



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