Open, competitive and decentralised digital asset management solution

Basic facts

The Melon protocol is a blockchain protocol for digital asset management on the Ethereum platform. It enables participants to set up, manage and invest in digital asset management strategies in an open, competitive and decentralised manner. Melonport automates operations such as clearing and settlement, performance monitoring and broadcasting validated track records. Melonport has the goals to simplify your work, lower your costs and grow your reputation. Source: Melonport Whitepaper and Website.

Why Blockchain?

Open-source and transparent: Melon is an open-source project building multichain capable software. Asset management track-records are transparent and auditable by everyone everywhere at any time.

Modular and inclusive: Melon is built from the start to be ever-expandable and flexible. A modular framework for easily adding new functionality and features in a permisionless way that rewards developers.

Lowers costs and time: By using blockchain technology, fixed and variable asset management costs as well as time requirements are drastically reduced. This enables a never-seen-before competitive environment for asset management strategies.

Decentralised and reliable: By having decentralised storage and execution one can mitigate some of today’s real world inefficiencies such as custody, counter-party and settlement. Melon creates a true alternative to traditional asset management.

Source: Melonport website

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