Enabling and validating contracts between humans and things in a digital world

Basic facts

riddle&code combines a tag (to be embedded between the layers of any product) and a token (kept by its owner). Only these two elements together can give proof of provenance, ownership and contract fulfillment. Any company securing its products with our solution, will enable and enrich its products by allowing them to carry relevant contracts in the products themselves. Source: riddle&code website

Why Blockchain?

riddle&code is based on an open source cryptography platform, which is leveraged by its millimeter-long microchips manufactured by prominent semiconductor firms including NXP and Nordic. In essence, riddle&code’s tagtok system was developed to prevent fraud resulting from conflicts with ownership, contract fulfilment and provenance. Users that hold a token to the microchip-based IoT (Internet of Things) device would be able to access its unalterable information on the Blockchain network, with its unique cryptographic ID.

The riddle&code development team focused on the adaptability and flexibility of both its cryptographic platform and its robust microchip structures. Particularly, its 0.7 mm microchip is water resistant, bendable and flexible, which allows it to be embedded into virtually any device in the market.

Source: The Cointelegraph


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