The insurance solution for the sharing economy

Basic facts

SafeShare Global is a modern insurance company that has a unique edge: they employ blockchain technology to offer affordable insurance solutions specifically designed for the sharing economy. Companies such as AirBnB and Vrumi allow users to rent out space to interested parties, however, this means the hosts need to be comfortable letting complete strangers into their homes. Source: CoinDesk

Why Blockchain?

The use of a distributed ledger eliminates the need for these companies to employ labor-intensive middle and back offices to handle the details and coordination of each policy. What differentiates this from a typical database is the immutable and distributed aspect of the ledger. No one can amend or duplicate policy information, otherwise fraudulent policies would immediately be visible by all parties running the ledger. The transparency of this distributed ledger virtually eliminates fraud, which further reduces the costs of doing business for all parties involved. Source: CoinDesk


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