Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform

Basic facts

The overall goal of the SAMPL project is the realization of an end-to-end security chain, from the creation of digital 3D printing data via the exchange with the 3D printing service provider via Trusted 3D printers right into the printed product using RFID chips. In addition to the encrypted 3D CAD data transfer, the implementation of digital license management is based on blockchain technology, which enables traceable and secure transactions. Source: TUHH website

Why Blockchain?

The SAMPL consortium will implement the described technologies to help solve the urging challenges around copyright protection in additive manufacturing. With SAMPL it will be possible to secure printings with license grants and to distinguish between original and counterfeit or illegitimate print based on the RFID components integrated into the printed objects. The aviation industry is a leader in the application of additive manufacturing, but the subject addressed by SAMPL is also interesting for other industries such as medical technology products. The project will therefore also have a positive impact on other industries, starting with the first use cases in aviation industry. Source: SAMPL project website


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