Nanopayments for your website

Basic facts

SatoshiPay is a wallet for pocket change on the web. It allows anybody to instantly pay tiny amounts from and to anywhere. The software is made of a browser Bitcoin wallet (that is automatically created when visiting a site) and a lightweight nanopayment paywall (that blocks the content until it has been paid for).
Source: Satoshipay website

Why Blockchain?

How does it work?

The core app is a javascript widget that appends itself to your website and does its magic. It hides the premium content for users until they pay (which is a single click process). The visitor never has to sign up or register an account as all their data is stored directly in their browser!

When a visitor comes to your website, SatoshiPay actually sets up a Bitcoin wallet for them in the background, which they can top up with money and use to pay for the content. The SatoshiPay wallet is stored in the browser and can be used again and again.

What will my users see?

The users see a little button in the corner of the screen (what we like to call the ´Sun of Satoshi´) with the current amount in their wallet. The premium content is hidden with grey bars and a price tag. When a visitor clicks the button, it opens a menu where they can top up, manage their wallet, etc.

With no sign-up, is it safe to use?

A browser wallet will never be as secure as a cold storage wallet, but we‚Äôve used some of the state-of-the-art security processes to make the tool as secure as possible. We discourage large amount of value being stored in the wallet, by letting visitors only top up small amounts at a time. The idea is that this is the visitor´s pocket change – not their savings account – so it shouldn´t hurt them too much if their funds get lost.

Source: Satoshipay website


This site just shall give you a first impression of the depicted application. Please contact us, if you are interested in a detailed analysis of a specific use case or branch.