Decentralized Cloud Storage

Basic facts

Storjproject started in 2014 is aiming at offering a decentralized alternative to cloud file storage services like Dropbox. Instead of hosting user files in a central location, Storj has created a system where other users, called farmers, can host sliced-up and encrypted chunks of data, in exchange for the native cryptocurrency, StorjcoinX. Source: As of 22nd of Nov ’16 Storj had 1 PB (1,000 TB) of data stored on their network. The total supply of available storage at that time point was around 3 PB, being supplied by ~4,700 farming clients.


Why Blockchain?

Due to blockchain based concept Storj potentially offers lower costs as well as enhanced security and privacy, like i.e. Siacoin is doing it. The users files are split into tiny pieces, afterwards encrypted, then uploaded ad stored on multiple computers / nodes in the Storj network. None of the nodes have access to the stored data. The StorjcoinX is a Bitcoin altcoin and uses the Bitcoin blockchain for transfer and security reasons. At the start of Storj in 2014 a total of 500 million Storjcoins have been created. This will be the number of Storjcoins, which will ever exist – there is no mining in place. This is different to i.e. Siacoin.


This site just shall give you a first impression of the depicted application. Please contact us, if you are interested in a detailed analysis of a specific use case or branch.