Decentralized network based on “attention econony”

Basic facts

Synereo is an open source, decentralized social network. It is an attention economy that rewards popular content with a cryptocurrency. Content is promoted or advertised in a way that fairly rewards the content’s creator and those who choose to engage with that content. An automatic and transparent reputation economy assures that you experience content relevant to you. The privacy of your communications and contacts is baked into the structure of the network. Source: Synereo on YouTube

Why Blockchain?

Because every node in the Bitcoin blockchain does exactly the same work processing the entire blockchain, and has to host all of the information across the entire network at once, the Bitcoin blockchain doesn´t scale to the volume of transactions required to support an enterprise-sized network. Synereo’s solution to this challenge? The creation of a sharded, composable proof-of-stake-based Blockchain – running, concurrently, at much faster rates.

The Synereo protocol provides the means to distribute the blockchain into smaller, faster, and more easily manageable pieces called shards. These small shards can be joined together into bigger shards, and those into bigger shards, still. This means that not every node in the network has to see and validate the whole state of the blockchain, so the extension of the blockchain can proceed at different locations, combining as needed, just-in-time. This way, Synereo’s Blockchain is truly decentralized and distributed rather than simply being massively replicated across the network.

Source: Synereo website


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