Digital Asset Services

Basic facts

Vulcan enables a trusted ecosystem to transact digital assets and currencies across a range of services including digital wallets, international payments, POS/merchant services, rewards programs, native digital currencies and crypto investment and trading. Source: Vulcan Website

Vulcan was developed by PwC in cooperation with with enterprise blockchain solutions provider Bloq, blockchain integration, reporting, compliance and analytics provider Libra, and digital identity start-up Netki and offers three kind of services: client services, digital currency services as well as government&insurance services.

Why Blockchain?

Digital currencies, powered by blockchain technology are fundamentally changing the way consumers, banks and businesses interact. Vulcan Digital Asset Services is a next generation infrastructure, fusing financial and commercial services by using ground-breaking developments in digital currency technology. A single platform that connects your identity, money and assets, enabling users to spend, share, trade or track any physical or digital asset cheaply and quickly, no matter where you are. All done with legal, compliance and regulatory risk management and reporting providing corporate risk officers´s transparency and comfort. Source: Vulcan websitebildschirmfoto-2016-11-24-um-10-12-34

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