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Various process problems in the cooperation between production partners – e.g. intransparency and unreliability of supplying digital printers (batch size 1), which leads to problems in the ability to deliver to the trade or end user.

Solution Approach

CALVENDO digitally & automatically maps the value chain from the creation of works by external rights holders, metadata distribution, print-on-demand production, trade distribution to delivery and billing. The developed system creates transparency and thus the possibility to counteract problems in the work- and supply chain by appropriate measures.


First stage of the project implemented at CALVENDO, further stages in progress via the parent company. Vision: ChainPrint is to be an open platform for publishers, print clients, printers, logistics companies, distributors and dealers. CHAINSTEP developed the concept for the use of blockchain within CHAINPRINT and also provided consulting services.

Added Value

Transparency and reliability in the work and supply chain leads to more efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and more sales.

What our customers say

“CHAINSTEP has enabled us to quickly develop a practical solution through profound knowledge.”

Hans-Joachim Jauch, Managing Director CALVENDO

Further Information


Contact person CHAINSTEP:
Frank Bolten