An industry must either have big plans or be very far ahead, if the blockchain technology is dealt with at the beginning of a two-day conference. What is meant is the energy industry, which has been dealing with smart grids for a number of years and, more recently, intensively with blockchains.

In a total of four themed blocks representatives of the energy industry and blockchain experts exchanged their view on different aspects of the technology. The first topics addressed the general question of whether the blockchain had already arrived in the energy industry. Vattenfall sees the technology as a perfect tool to organize the energy market in a renewable and decentralized way. However, Energy Brainpool also stressed that blockchain is not a cure-all and that the hype slowly reaches its end. What is needed now is the proof that blockchain prototypes work and generate business.

Other theme blocks were “Law and Security” as well as “Business models along the blockchain”. The final topic addressed the issue of blockchain currencies and digitalization in key industries. Frank Bolten of CHAINSTEP took part in a discussion with leading crypto experts (Björn Wagner from the Ethereum start-up Parity and Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA), headed by BTC-Echo chief editor Sven Wagenknecht.