As part of the STEREO project, the CHAINSTEP team was able to spend 6 months working on the technical concepts and business models surrounding Self Sovereign Indentities (SSI). SSI is also becoming an increasingly important component in the business models and architectures that we develop together with our customers. Therefore, we consider this topic to be very important, have created a market overview (here) and will update it at regular intervals.

We would like to provide an overview of standards, implementations and use cases and welcome questions, suggestions and also concrete information about technologies or business models that are not yet on our radar.

The two lower quadrants B2B and B2C present a selection of promising use cases for SSI and their status. The upper left quadrant, Specs and Standards, provides an overview of fundamental specifications currently under development. The upper right quadrant, Implementations, takes a look at implementations of these standards.

The analyses reflect only our team’s view and experience and are not intended to be exhaustive.