There is much talk about blockchain and transport logistics, but the industry isn’t exactly bragging about their digital assessments, plans and projects. Thanks to the involvement of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V., the Bundesvereinigung Logistik, the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung and the Innovationsforum Blockchain for a splendid meetup, it was possible to get an insight into the future of logistics

Martin Araman (Managing Director, Sovereign Speed) is part of the HANSEBLOC consortium (alongside CHAINSTEP) and presented a a multi-minute film , which described the status quo in air freight logistics. For example, to send goods from Hamburg to Los Angeles, up to ten service providers are involved on the German side alone; in the US this process is repeated. Many of the transactions are still processed on paper. “In the next three years we want to work on this process with HANSEBLOC. The next time I’ll be around I hope the film will only last 30 seconds”, Araman summed up at the end of his speech.

Florian Seffert (Imperial Logistics International, BV. & Co. KG) gave an insight into the blockchain activities of the international heavyweight of the logistics industry . His department was early interested in Ethereum and also carried out transactions in addition to building their own nodes. The company from South Africa is hoping to be able to develop two usecases into Blockhain-based business models: on the one hand it is about the transport of goods, which could be made more efficient by Ethereum, and on the other hand about warehouse management. Depending on whether time windows, temperatures or routes are respected, Smart Contracts would initiate bonus or malus transactions. “Everyone in the logistics industry needs a supply chain protocol on the blockchain,” Seffert underlined.

Prior to that, Frank Bolten had explained the most important fundamentals of blockchain technology, and introduced important usecases from Supply Chain and Transport Logistics (Read also our industry spotlight on logistics). In addition to the speakers, Dieter Spark (DAKOSY) and Hendrik Roreger (HPA) were discussing the event with Harald Ehren (chief editor, Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung) and asked whether the blockchain has the potential for a fast revolution in logistics.