Blockchain in use

Some explanation on the grid “project overview”

  • Use case selection

    Select as many items as you like out of the two selection boxes “categories” (branches or use fields) and “key words” (main blockchain charateristics: status (“info”, “concept” or “live”), type (“public”, “enterprise”, “consortium”) and “digital asset” in case a token is traded at exchanges) at the top of the grid to start a combined query.

  • Different kind of entries

    When you click on a specific use case tile you might find two different kind of entries: either an info tile – click on the picture here to switch to the related website – or some basic information on the specific use case including several links for further details.

  • Date of creation

    The date shown as a caption on the picture displays when the content has been entered into the grid respectively when the last update has happened.

  • Get in touch

    This blockchain use case website is an ongoing project. Please contact us in case you have any remarks on this site, i.e. if you would like specific content to be added. Subscribe our newsletter to keep updated on new entries.