Guest article by Dr. Kadri Bashi, CHAINSTEP Blockchain Consultant Istanbul

The Future Logistics Summit, organised by the International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, took place on 19 September 2018 in the Elite World Europe Hotel. The summit, which is intended to shed light on the future of the logistics sector, was very well received and attracted the attention of representatives of the logistics sector, the supply chain and also the pioneers of the Turkish economy. In addition to representatives from the logistics sector, representatives from a wide variety of sectors, ranging from supply chain managers, producers, import and export companies to foreign trade companies, software and technology companies and insurance companies, came together. New business models and practices waiting for sectors in the e-world were assessed at the summit, which highlighted the future of the logistics industry.

In the first half of the summit; “Stay in touch with Blockchain” Dr. Kadri A. Bahşi, Chainstep Project Manager Turkey, spoke about the approaches to Blockchain based projects in the logistics industry, founder and Managing Partner of Chainstep GmbH in Hamburg Frank Bolten presented the new initiative “COBILITY” to the participants, and the co-founder of the wider network Further, Kadir Özgür Oguz, informed about the applications and effects of Blockchain technology in aviation.

Ege Özsaygılı, Director of Trans.Eu Eastern Europe and Eurasia Group (the main sponsor) met the participants at the presentation “Innovative investment in the new era of logistics”. Özsaygılı spoke about Tran.Eu’s new services based on working principles and artificial intelligence. Another panel discussed the impact of global warming on the logistics sector. The panel was attended by the Chairman of the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) Prof. Dr. Filiz Karaosmanoğlu, the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) Turkey Unal Treasurer and Director Rifat Piri Reis University Lecturer , Long Distance Captain Barbaros Büyüksağnak, who assessed the potential impact of climate change on the logistics sector.

In the second half of the summit, the following topics were discussed:

Industry 4.0
SCM in the logistics sector
New business models
The summit, which attracted the attention of media members as well as various industry representatives, ended in the hope that the participants would bring a vision into the future in which the awareness of the effects of technological developments on the industry would be strengthened. UTIKAD Logistics Summit will be repeated next year with various topics and speakers.

The statistical result:

274 participants
141 Companies
14 panelists
2 keynote speakers
6 panel
2 Innovative investment meetings

Dr. Kadri Bahsi prepared the presentation for the target group in Turkish:


The presentation on COBILITY from Frank Bolten in English:


To the video recording of Frank Bolten two photos from the perspective on site and from the computer.

And here you find a photo gallery of the event. In addition you can find a short clip on YouTube: