600 speakers, 400 sessions, 5,000 guests – the Solutions is now one of the most important digital and technological events in Hamburg and Northern Germany. That is exactly why CHAINSTEP allow itself to design a total of three times 90 minutes on the topic of blockchain fundamentals, technologies and applications as part of the “Digital Logistics Dialogue”.

At the beginning, there was hardly any room left at Dialog Park K32 when Frank Bolten explained the current state of the blockchain and showed potential for the optimization of existing business models and as well as the development of completely new business models. After a short break, Lukas Cremer focused on the technical basics, explaining in detail the function of blockchains by means of their individual characteristics. At the same time Frank Bolten presented the most important projects from various sectors and answered questions about further application possibilities after a short walk across the premises at another location.

The Solutions Dialogpark was a complete success for CHAINSTEP: many visitors wanted asked for further training offers on the technical background of blockchains. Others expressed their interest in sector-specific events, such as the Innovationsforum Blockchain with which is supported by CHAINSTEP and is hosting several Meetups and and a big Blockchain Congress on 14./15. November in Hamburg.