On Monday, 20th of February 2017, there was a kind of “Blockchain Super-Monday” in Berlin. Vitalik Buterin was visiting the Ethereum Dev UG, in parallel Gavin Wood presented “Polkadot” – his fascinating project to establish interoperability among different blockchains (even between “public” and “enterprise” blockchains) at another Blockchain Meetup. I decided to attend the Ethereum Dev UG event – like a lot of other people… the room was jam-packed… Vitalik Buterin explained his view on “Cryptoeconomies”, below you find – besides some impressions of the event – the links to his presentation on Youtube and to the slide deck on Vitalik¬¥s website. And for your convience you find the link to the presentation of Gavin Wood as well. I wish you an interesting learning experience.


The link to the slide deck: http://vitalik.ca/files/intro_cryptoeconomics.pdf

Last not least the link to Gavin´s presentation Рhis part starts at 41:30 min (please copy the link into Youtube Рonly starts that way):